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Welcome to our racing news page, here you will find all the latest news on how Yamaha FJ1100 Racer is fairing in the 2 classes we race in, the Wirral 100 Forgoten Era Championship & the NG Road Racing Pre-Injection class. Why do we race a FJ1100 ? Well its a long story but a good friend of mine Phil Hacker started the FJ owners club some 15 years ago & another good friend Liam Horgan was already racing these bikes. It was Liam & Phil that talked me in to racing so we promptly purchased & prepared one. All this started from us guys meeting at Nurburgring some years ago, we all share a passion for the Nurburgring & bikes so if this page bores you to death then you will have to thank Liam & Phil, i am not sure what one should get the most blame as they are as bad as each other although Liam was the main instigater.
There is also a lot of information on Phil's website so please have a look at www.fjracer.com

Below are some photo's of how the number 2 bike was built


Championship Standings 2010

Wirral 100

1 Steve Hutchins 27
James Coward 23
Mike Hose 15
Andrew Bird 15
Phil Hacker 12
Des Butler 12

NG Road Racing Pre-Injection

1 Philip Hacker 270
1 Adam Jeffery 270
3 Brian Parker 84
4 Steve Hutchins 71
5 Matt Pearce 59
6 Pete Buckley42
7 James Carn 32
8 Michael Newton 29
9 Dale Taylor 22
10 Robert Forestor 22
11 Michael Lines 16
12 Roo Cotton 16
13 Roy Adamson 13

Anglesey 13/14/15 2010 The big off !!!

I had been looking forward to this round for some time & I had put an exceptional amount of effort in to preparing for this meeting as I am sure Phil will confirm. This was the only track that NG would be racing at this year that I had good knowledge of so was looking for a good result.
Although we had planed not to do the test day prior to the weekends meeting we were going travel up Thursday night so we had a nice relaxing day on Friday with ample to time to get set up for 2 days of racing. Phil was doing the test day & as all was set up I watched the morning session I thought I would see if I could get booked in on the after noon, what luck ( ha bloody ha) I managed to get a slot & thought I would use it to test the mods I had done & settle the new clutch in.
I set off at the back of the pack, the bike felt good & the clutch was holding up well, great ! The 3rd lap some twat, sorry but I have to say twat as there is no excuse for his actions, ploughed straight in to the back of me up the hill going in to the hairpin, this launched me off the bike close to 150 mph & I thought I was never going to come to halt. This was my weekend finished & it could be my season finished as yet, I am not too sure. I had a ride in 2 ambulances ( coz 1 just aint enough ), I have a collar bone in 3 bits, cracked ribs, bruises galore my leathers, helmet & boots are destroyed, the bike is totalled ! I have an obscene amount of work to do & cash to part with if I wish or choose to race this bike again because of the actions of 1 twat ! This was a test day not a GP ! You all know me & know I am bloody big enough to see let alone the fact I was on a FJ, lets be honest itís the Scania of the motorcycle world !!!! Not a mini moto !
At this point you can you probably guess I am far from calm about incident & you could say " well thatís all a part of racing", I would agree & take it on the chin if this was a racing incident but it wasnít, it was just sheer stupidity. I doubt the moron that caused this will ever read this but you never know, so if by chance you do would you think out of common decency an apology would have been in order !

I would like to thank the NG marshals, medics, club officials for helping Caz (many thanks guys), the staff at Bangor hospital, Mark & Kerry & all who helped us but most of all Caz, with out her I would be up shit creek at the moment.

If I donít make the next round I wish Phil & Adam all the best, they both deserve the win , good luck boys.

Phil, I want my swinging arm back !!!! J

Paul & his FJ

Breaking news.............A good customer & friend of ours Paul has taken the big step of wanting to have a go with Phil & myself at racing next year, when he asked what bike to get naturaly i told him the best bike to get is the the FJ. Paul is so keen to have a go that he has already purchased his racer project & has a till March to get it preped for its debut race. I have a feeling that R1 riding Katie ( Pauls wife) will be busy helping Paul & will have to get some tips from Caz on how to keep the FJ on top form & how to change the wheels in under 8 mins. I am sure that Paul & Katie will be a welcome addition to the paddock.
It must be mentioned that Paul has never raced before or indeed owned or riden a FJ.

Paul with the FJ Racer project pictured left

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